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Louver is specialized in developing solutions that improve customer service quality. We offer queuing management systems, information kiosks, payment terminals, and customer feedback solutions.

It is often seen that whenever you want to get services, we have to be in queue.Waiting in lines does not add enjoyment even it does not generate revenue, but itworsens the condition. To get completely ride of the situation, Louver QMS provides optimum management of single line queue to any number of lines. Louver QMS has few unique features, it provides both visual and audible direction to the customer, featuring a counter display and a main display, including Single Token Multiple Service, Token Forwarding, Customer Profile based Prioritization, Video and Scrolling Advertisement and also provides you with multiple options for display and announcements.

We offer high quality and tested products and solutions that enable our clients to achieve excellence in customer service by providing easy installation and user-friendly desk board.