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Public Addressing

Louver aims to serve the needs of our clients by providing high qualitypublic addressing system products with excellent services and solutions through dedication and outstanding performance. We provide range of intelligent public addressing solution. LTS facilities public addressing solution to government sector, commercial buildings, school, public places and so on.Our PA system enables centralized control of these individual voice systems and delivers clear sound.

LTS public address system provides the best technology in microphones and speakers that brings the ideal audio environment to modern public spaces. This unbeatable combination of auditory and visible quality has made our public address systems the choice of acoustic professionals. The PA system can be integrated to a Fire alarm system to address the pre-installed messages in case of an emergency of fire automatically.
LTS also provides PA system for the emergency system which alerts local surveillances in the building of an emergency and where to go for safety. Our PA system’s priority is to ensure emergency announcements are delivered to all corners of the premises and is often set up to efficiently deliver the announcement. This can mean the PA system does not separate each audio channel by area. PA system designs are based on a “one to all” principle of audio delivery i.e. one audio source to all parts in that premises.