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Building & Home Automation

Louverhome automation helps you to make things in your home easier and comfortable than you expect.If you have a remote or you have automatic control within your home or in your organization, you have building / home automation. LTS assures through its automation system to take your home into a new dimension.You can control lighting, room temperature, curtains, entertainment, IPTV, and DND/CMR functions in your home using remote control, android system or even through voice recognition.Our technical team takesguaranteea user-friendly best solution with your personal taste and priorities for your home/business .We assure to meet your needs with high-quality and high-value products that exceed your expectations.

We also offer Smart Home automation by providing complex logic scenarios, sensor modules, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, text-to-speech, and special concept designs to specific customers that wish to have a unique automation solution.This makes home automation that much more enjoyable and beneficial too. Louver aims adding value to any client by deploying remote support, troubleshooting services, on-site support, preventative maintenance, as well as software upgrades that will ensure any installed system is always up to date with the latest features in the industry. We also make Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) according to the customer’s demand.